Dance Class of Hakka Affairs Office of Hualien County Government

The students in the dance class are a group of women from all walks of life who love Hakka culture. Under the guidance of teacher Jiang Liangwei, they use the practice in the Hakka Cultural Hall of Hualien County every Friday night. Invited to participate in the performances of other institutions, schools, and groups, spare no effort to promote Hakka dance culture, won praise and affirmation from all walks of life.

Hualien County Hakka Philharmonic Association-Le Changke Singing Class

The Hualien County Hakka Philharmonic Association was established to promote the development of the Hakka music and arts and humanities in Hualien County, combining introduction and music creation, and creating new motivations and environments in life. Through the expressive power of music in the times, the boots enhance the common consciousness of inheriting Hakka culture, gradually affecting, allowing more people to participate in the world of Hakka music and understanding Hakka culture.

Siangfei Lion Drum Dance Troupe

In 1996, Siangfei Lion Drum Dance Troupe was founded with the concept of playing war drums with joy. It has since aimed at encouraging members to experience the charm of traditional art in a playful manner. For 20 years, Siangfei has consistently focused on local characteristics and helping disadvantaged children. Instead of commercialized marketing, the formation of the troupe has been based on the notion of care and dedication. Continuing to perform this traditional art, Siangfei hopes to spread its passionate performance of war drums to every corner of Taiwan, and achieve the goal of “performing war drums across the country with Siangfei’s name spreading far.”

Sensual Beauty-Ring Fuyuan

“Sensual Bazai-Xiangfuyuan” is a drum team composed of Fuyuan Bazaizhuang community. The members are mainly composed of alumni, school siblings and teachers who graduated from Fuyuan Junior High School, because Bazaizhuang is the hometown of drum kings fighting for hegemony Therefore, “drum art” has always been the common memory of Fuyuan community residents. The elders always said that “the children who play drums will not learn badly.” Therefore, we are responsible for the inheritance of the drums and drums of the drums. , Rebuild the vitality of community culture.

Hongwu Thunder Lion Dancing Troupe

Hongwu was formed by a group of young people who are passionate about the lion dance and the art of drumming. All the members have more than a decade of performing experience. Hongwu carries the meaning of tracing and remembering one’s roots. Thunder is borrowed from the expression “swift lion reaching the thunder, as war drums beat simultaneously,” to convey the hope that every member can perform as fast as the thunder and create electrifying drum beats. Outside the troupe, the main members have different professions in daily life, contributing their expertise to society while passing on the beauty of traditional culture.

Beat Realistic Percussion Orchestra

Strike Realistic Percussion Orchestra focuses on paint buckets, brooms, ladders, bamboo poles for clothes, pots and pans, and other “environmental instruments” that are readily available in life. It uses basic body language to compose a moving rhythm. ! The presentation methods include creative performances, stage plays and interactive performances.

Adhering to “enthusiasm for performance, love for homeland, and perseverance for dreams”, we are dedicated to the development of local culture, and at the same time use performance to convey “Reality is not a cruel fact, but

What you are doing right now is the spirit of “reacting reality” in reality. Therefore, we continue to perform in stage plays and push the original percussion performance to the international stage.

Founded on April 30, 2013

Performed for the first time in 2014 at Jiaoxi Theater

In the same year in 2014, he performed 6 performances at the Yilan International Children’s Play Festival

In 2015, he was invited to perform in large and small public places in Yilan

Entered Yilan Tourist Winery in January 2016

Yilan County Government’s Happy Yilan New Year Party Opening Performance in February 2016

Won the “Best Popularity Award” from Carrefour Foundation Dream Stage Funding Project in 2016

In 2016, he was selected as the outstanding performing arts program subsidy team of the Cultural Bureau of Yilan County Government.

In June 2016, he was invited to perform at the “Drum Festival” at the “International Drum Festival” in New Taipei City

July 02, 2016-July 10, 2016

July 16th, 2016 Performance in the Art and Culture Season of Old Town Street

July 24th and 30th, 2016 Main performances of the 2016 Luodong Fringe Festival

August 01, 2016 “Cathay Pacific Plastics Co-branded Card” Press Conference Opening Show

October 20, 2016 Annual Performance of “Battering Reality into Special Root Dream”

In September 2018, Yilan Biography Park Miaocheng Square performed twice a day

February 2019 hit the realistic percussion orchestra X traditional art center Spring Festival series performances

The 12th Festival of Hakkas in 2019


Inheriting traditional Asian drum music and specializing in modern Jazz drumming techniques, G-Drumz fulfills the three purposes of professional drummers: mind, skill, and body. G-Drumz integrates the Asian tradition of wind instruments, martial arts moves, dancing, and elements of theatre. Through the strength and beauty portrayed by powerful physical moves, G-Drumz combines the different layers of drum beats with the diverse and rich creativity of the young generation, fully demonstrating the characteristics of Asian art and culture.

Song Kun Traditional Arts

Established in 2003, Song Kun aims at promoting all types of folk art with the “drum” as the main focus. Based on its passion for, and insistence on, traditional performing art, it actively combines diverse art forms and sets the philosophy of “professionalism, finesse, innovation, and legacy” as its main objective. By holding onto the traditional spirit, it adheres to the innovative concept of modern aesthetics and strives for refined and distinctive performance. Step by step, Song Kun has developed a unique style for the future.