Dance Class of Hakka Affairs Office of Hualien County Government

The students in the dance class are a group of women from all walks of life who love Hakka culture. Under the guidance of teacher Jiang Liangwei, they use the practice in the Hakka Cultural Hall of Hualien County every Friday night. Invited to participate in the performances of other institutions, schools, and groups, spare no effort to promote Hakka dance culture, won praise and affirmation from all walks of life.

Shengmin Lion Awakening Drum Team

Shengmin Lion Dance Group is a team composed of a group of members who love martial arts, lion art, drum array and other folk cultures. They are dedicated to the performance of dragon and lion. The performances include thunder drums, Xiangshi Xianrui, and Chinese martial arts. He was selected as the excellent performance team of Hualien County Cultural Bureau and the champion of Hualien Drum King 2011.