Hakka nursery rhymes Do Re Mi

In order to implement the Hakka language heritage, promote Hakka’s beautiful culture, promote cultural exchanges, consolidate Hakka friendship, unite Hakka associations, “innovate Hakka, light Taiwan”. The children of “Hakka Nursery Rhythm Do Re Mi” directed by the Hakka Affairs Office of the Hualien County Government were instructed by Mr. Li Huimin. The children performed Hakka songs and dances seriously. The cute and funny appearance attracted the attention of the guests. The rumors are inherited from Hakka, continuing their own voice.

Fuyuan Ballad Class

In Ruisui Township, Hualien County, there is a simple Hakka village—Fuyuan Village (formerly known as Baozhaizhuang). The grandpa and grandma in Baozhaizhuang are versatile and like to play lions, play drums, dye cloth, paint, dance, act, and sing folk songs. Hakka songs are even more loved.

With the full support of the community chairman Lin Xinghua and the board of supervisors, Fuyuan Community has long-term sustainable development of the community. The members of the ballad class are composed of a group of grandpas and grandmaes who love Hakka songs, such as Hakka, Minnan, and Indigenous people. The average age is 70 years old. It is the oldest choir in the country. Many of the class members are illiterate. Hakka songs love to join together. In recent years, they have often been invited to perform and contested more than 15 times. They have been well received. They have become representatives of the community’s multicultural development characteristics. The community’s grandpa and grandma have scored a lot in their senior years. The movement of life.

Hualien County Guest Association Mizuho Branch Dance Class

The Ruisui Branch of the Hualien County Hakka Association was established in the Republic of China in 83 years, and it has been 21 years so far. At present, there are more than 300 members. Yu Ruiqin is the president. President Yu has deep dance literacy and often actively trains Hakka dances in the club. Interested members, the dance itself can achieve vitality, promote good health, and can also enrich part of the fun in life. In addition to specific performances in the village, it is often invited to perform in the township of Hakka, for example: Hakka in Hualien County A series of activities of the Office, a battle for the king of the drums, a series of events of the Tonghua Festival, a party of the various organizations, a festive program performance, etc… Showcasing praise and affirmation from the performance, and also gaining a lot of praise, Mizuho Hakka will continue to promote excellent Hakka culture under the leadership of President Yu, and take root, and let more folks in the village understand Hakka culture through various activities .